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Many business owners keep putting off the rest of their life while they wait for the business to make more money or increase in value.  Then they will have that wonderful retirement, plan that world cruise, have the experiences they have been dreaming of, spend that quality time with grandchildren and children. Sadly, for many, this time never arrives or arrives and I can’t really enjoy it.
This video looks at what you can do to boost the value of your business. Most business owners don’t realise the full earning or value potential of their business. What a shame, because it is not that hard. While this video contains 20 things you can do to improve the value of your business, you may only need to do one or two things to dramatically improve the value of your business. Some of the key drivers to to business values are location and industries. Retirees may be attracted to warmer climates near the coast while fitness fanatics will be drawn to more gyms and personal training studios.



Please share this article so that as many business owners as possible can make a success of their business. Business success is elusive enough without people making decisions based on false premises.

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Tony Arena

Owner @ BCI Business Brokers, 30 years of experience in selling businesses


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