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BCI Business Brokers – The Business Valuation Specialist

Market Assessment

Value option if you need:

  • Market Value Opinion
  • What Profit Figure is Relevant
  • What Multiplier of Profits to use
  • An experienced Opinion when Buying a Business
  • A professional Opinion when Selling a Business

This report can be done in seven days – price is capped at $1,500 plus GST

Formal Valuation

If you need a formal report due to:

  • Partnership Split
  • Family Law case
  • Legal Dispute
  • Expert Witness
  • Valuation of Equity
  • Selling a Business

This report can take 14 business days.
Get a quote now.

BCI Business Brokers offers you two business valuation options

1. Market Assessment

You might be looking for confirmation of your own opinion. You might be looking to sell in a few years time and want to know its value now. You might be buying a business and want to know if the price is way over the top or a very good deal. In that case, you are looking for a Quick Appraisal. That report is fixed at $1500 + GST and will be sent to you in 7 days. Plenty of business owners, advisors, solicitors and accountants are ordering these.

2. Formal Valuation

If you need more formality. or there is more at stake, you will want to order this report. It  will be more comprehensive and contain the detail and supporting information you are going to need for those formal occasions. this will include a valuation of equity if required.

Either way the choice is yours.

Most Common Mistakes When Valuing A Business

We all love our businesses. Many business owners estimate the value of their business based on the effort they put into the business or how long they have owned it. Unfortunately, these factors don’t boost business value

The only way to value a business is using proven methods, tried and tested in market conditions. In the final analysis, you need to find someone to pay that price to prove value.

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common mistakes when valuing a business to sell

The Most Common Mistakes When Valuing a Business to Sell

Most business owners or potential buyers are not aware that when valuing a business there is more than just one tool to assess the value of a business.

In essence, how you assess a business will vary depending on a number of factors; it is critical to get a proper assessment as your business is unique. Valuing your business needs to be done taking into account your personal circumstances.

The Most Common Mistake When Valuing a Business that you want to Buy

With so many assessment tools available – which one is right for the business I want to buy? Not being able to agree on the right valation tool will lead to over inflated price, prolonged negotiations and you could end up making a costly mistake.

Independent advice will help you assess the business and the price to pay.

valuing a business to buy

Get An Independent Business Valuation

With over 50 years experience in selling and valuing businesses, we use our expert knowledge to determine the correct valuation methodology suitable for your business.

Our Business Valuation Process

We start by selecting the right valuation methodology suitable for your business.

We then analyse critical factors such as current profit, assets, owner’s involvement, growth, industry analysis and much more.

We then look at the key concepts of maintainability and transferability of income.

Our analysis helps you to put the pieces together so you can see the strengths and weakness of your business. Contact us to find out how long this might take in your case.

Business valuation process

Our Business Valuation Service

What Do You Get?

√ Professional Advice
√ Over 50 years of Experience
√ Personalised Service
√ Comprehensive Detailed Report
√ Learn the Strengths and Weakness of your Business
√ Confidential
√ Fixed Price quoted up-front

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Our Packages

choose your plan

Professional Advice

Personalised Service


Fixed Price Quoted Up-Front

Phone Interview

Market Value Opinion

Opinion On Correct Valuation Method

Detailed Report

Strength & Weakness Assessment


Business Appraisal


ex GST one time fee

2 - 5 Days

Business Valuation


one time fee

5 - 10 Days

Tony is an excellent business broker with a skill for uncovering the real value in a business and maximising the opportunities for both the vendor and purchaser in a transaction.

Brendan Walsh

Former President, , NSAA NSW Chapter National Speakers Association of Australia

Why Us?

At BCI Business Brokers, we make buying and selling businesses a whole lot easier. Our highly trained professionals have over 50 years of experience collectively to ensure the challenging task of buying a business, valuing a business or selling a business is accomplished as smoothly as possible.

Tony Arena - Business Broker - Business Valuing specialist

It is our credibility, experience, network of contacts and innovation in marketing that sets us apart from the average business broker.

We want you to trust us with your business.

Tony Arena & Phillip Lyons
@ BCI Business Brokers

Phillip Lyons - Business Broker - Business Valuing specialist
Australian Institute of business brokers

“Tony is a proactive business broker with the knowledge and skill to sell a businesses. He collaborates with all parties to achieve the sale. He communicates extremely well with buyers, sellers and other brokers. I recommend Tony should you require a business broker to sell your business.”

Jamie Borruso

Business Broker & Senior Consultant, Close Encounters Trading Network Pty Ltd

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