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Why do you need control of your internet assets?

Your business has many assets, both physical and digital. Owning physical assets is easy because they are in your possession and you know where they are. You generally have a key so that you can have exclusive or shared access. Maintaining your business’ internet assets is more difficult because they aren’t tangible. Your internet assets are protected, on the other hand, by a different sort of key. To have that key you need to have theuser name and password and control over the email address associated with that account. These assets have usually been created by someone other than you, either a contractor, employee, or your predecessor. Even if you created the asset, you will need to take steps to assure you have control and ensure continuouty of business should unexpected circumstances arise. Below, I set out the process for the creation for some of these assets. they may have already been created in your business, however I do this so that once you understand the foward process you will be able to work backwards and hold the keys.

Stage 1: Reserve and register your domain name

Buy a domain from a registrar. There are countless sites where you can purchase a domain. Such sellers are:

> GoDaddy.com

> MelbourneIt.com.au

> CrazyDomains.com.au

You will need to make a payment on registration and you will then make annual or bi-annual payments to keep the domain current. Reminders to renew will be sent to the email nominated in the account for that domain.

Note: Don’t lose your username and password! These are the keys to your site. Lose the keys and you lose control of your business’ website.

Stage 2: Hosting your website

So now you have your fancy new domain name. Now what? You need a company to host your domain name on the internet so people can get to it. Sometimes your domain registrar can provide this along with your domain (such as GoDaddy). If this isn’t the case for you, check out this list that PCMag came up with that so some viable hosting platforms:

> HostGator.com

> DreamHost.com

> 1&1.com

You’re now going to have another username and password associated with this account. Again, it’s extremely important you don’t lose these. Once your domain is hosted you can now access your cPanel. Make sure you become familiar with this. The cPanel gives you access to file management, email addresses and other important aspects of the website. Your developer is the one who will generally work inside the cPanel, however you need to know where the keys are in case something happens.

Stage 3: Creating the website

This is where the magic happens. You have two options for this depending on how tech savvy you are:

1) Coding – This is where the developer almost writes your website from scratch using well known coding and other tools no doubt. However it’s not as simple as DIY.

2) Do it yourself – there are plenty of site building tools in the marketplace that make this task both easy and fun. If using a DIY service you will most likely be able to use drag-and-drop methods of building your entire site. It’s that easy! A couple of the DIY services are:

> Wix.com

> Squarespace

> WordPress

Maintain the login for this as well, otherwise you are exposed.

The risks

Some problems that can cause you to lose control of your internet assets:

1) The person who manages your internet assets becomes sick or passes away. If you don’t have the keys yourself you are at risk.

2) The person who manages your internet assets becomes hostile towards the business. They can do what they like with your keys!

3) Something happens to you. If you have the keys to the internet assets then you need to have a transition plan. The reason for this is if you are the sole holder and don’t have such a plan and you pass away or become seriously incapacitated, then your assets will die with you.

Badabing badaboom, now you have full control of your internet assets.


Ever thought about owning an online business? There a few things it involves and you’re already educated on the first steps!

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