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Amazon is Coming to Town.

Jeff Bezos, Amazon’s founder and CEO, is currently the wealthiest man in the world and is in the top spot for a reason. He built Amazon from the ground up starting in mid-1990 with books and then slowly adding new categories to the retailer’s website. The entrepreneur and businessman is about to set up shop in another continent so that you can have the convenience of what he is dreaming to be “the worlds largest store.” Amazon Australia is just in time for Black Friday and everyone’s favorite time of the year, Christmas! According to sources from LifeHacker, Amazon is all geared up to jump into business in Australia sometime this week. It doesn’t come as a surprise with talks of this happening for months. Although they are launching it this week, only a select few in a test group are the ones that get to shop the freshly launched site.

Amazon Australia is already 5 steps ahead of our retailers

Amazon is a big swinger in the US, sucking up 43% of all US online retail sales. Coming to Australia means physical retailers are going to have to brace themselves. Stores like JB HI-FI is stepping up their game from today. With the announcement of 3-hour rush delivery, JB HI-FI is trying to get a hold of the online market. Everyone in Australia has yet to experience the Amazon Prime experience that will be offered. For just $99 a year, the consumer can receive unlimited, free delivery of their products with even more speed than JB HI-FI. They’re giving 2-hour same day delivery to Prime members in city areas. If that’s not enough, you get even more bang for your buck with Amazon Prime’s streaming services. You’ll get to consume music, video, and books on demand with their streaming services. Oh, and don’t forget their cloud service, free Twitch Prime, and rewards program. Australia’s retailers are going to find it difficult to compete with the foreign giant just based on the services offered. Along with this, Amazon’s margins are slim, making it difficult for ma and pa shops to even begin to compete.

They’ve got more than you can handle

Amazon Australia has a thriving ecosystem of sellers that are currently in the process of setting up shop for the website. Most people that have seen Amazon’s Australian store may think that they are restricted to books and products alike. Books are now a minor category of their millions of products. When they launch their store, you will now have the option of buying ANYTHING you can think of. You name it. Even though Amazon itself doesn’t make a whole lot of consumer goods, they retail close to 400 million products that you can choose from.

We’re almost there!

Sit tight and stay tuned for the official announcement to find out specifically when you can make your first order. This week is Black Friday so expect them to drop an offer for Aussie consumers before then. If not, Christmas is just around the corner and everyone wants the convenience of a one-stop-online-shop. If you’re interested in online businesses, pop over to here to see what an online business is really worth.

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