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Building the value of your business is a long-range plan. Most people wait until it’s too late to have a proper look at this and by that time they unfortunately find out that there’s not enough time to put the proper measures in place to achieve their goals. The smart business owners I have met, have always concentrated on the key areas that will guarantee a high price when they sell the business.

You can work in the areas below and make a dramatic difference in the value of your business. Knowledge of Business

  1. History of ownership
  2. Image
  3. Client & Supplier Contracts
  4. Patents, Trademarks & Designs
  5. Tenure or lease
  6. Reason For Sale
  7. Employees
  8. Your Role In Business
  9. Credit Rating
  10. Computerisation
  11. Key Financial Ratios
  12. Spread of Clients
  13. Smooth Trading Pattern
  14. Competitive strength
  15. Financial Information
  16. Assets
  17. Information Memorandum
  18. Systems
  19. Relationship with Business Broker

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