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How to Sell my Florist Business?



The emphasis of your business has to be the flowers!

Maximise the Value of Your Florist:

  1. Charge for every service. Time and product cost money
  2. Have a number  of well-priced suppliers.
  3. Buy what’s in season and flog it! Be creative with your purchasing.
  4. Use the best priced flowers as much as possible in all arrangements.
  5. Bargain the price with your suppliers. Remember, they need you as much as you need them!
  6. Diversify. Stock associated products to give yourself another income stream.
  7. Offer weekly specials.
  8. Up- sell.
  9. Alliances with other businesses can ensure a steady stream of business. Go out and form these unions.
  10. Have a website . Allowing customers to order online is cost effective in both terms of labour costs and ordering supplies.
  11. When special event days such as mothers day and valentines day come around, plan ahead. Have pre-made arrangements ready for sale, this is saves on labour costs during busy times.
  12. Sell un-arranged flowers.
  13. Stock a variety of price points.
  14. Focus on the profitable, not your dream of offering beautiful arrangements! Labour costs can be your downfall.
  15. Become a specialist for wedding arrangements.
  16. Promote promote promote!!

Selling Your Florist

  1. Location. Do you have a lot of passing foot traffic? Great locations can increase the price.
  2. Are you making good on-line sales?
  3. Is there any nearby competition?
  4. Do you have a high profile reputation?
  5. Do you have a strong history of profitability?
  6. Does your outlet present beautifully? Does a purchaser need to spend more money here?
  7. List all fixtures, fittings and equipment included in the purchase price.
  8. Hours of operation?
  9. List all suppliers.
  10. List all staff.
  11. What is your role in the business?
  12. Are all your books up to date?
  13. Ensure your operations and procedures manual is up to date.
  14. Offer the incoming purchaser a free training period.
  15. However beautiful your outlet looks, and how much you love it is irrelevant to a purchaser. They just want to know how much money they can make. Start planning now to increase sales / profits!

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Susanna Palmer
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