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How to Sell my Vending Machine Business?




Stay in front of your competition. Offer well-known well sought after products. Make the consumer experience fast, easy and trouble free!

Maximise Profits

  1. Know your target market. Locate the machines in high traffic areas.
  2. When you buy machines, make sure they can be fixed by you onsite.
  3. Each machine on your run must be profitable.
  4. If the machine is not profitable, look to move it.
  5. Promptly attend to the machines when they need servicing.
  6. Be sure to keep machines well stocked – more sales = more profit.
  7. Watch your pricing. Your online systems will show you the products that are moving.
  8. Discount the slow movers. Try discounting the best sellers to increase turnover.
  9. Your vending machine needs to grab the attention of your customers. Is it clean and well lit. Are the products easy to see?
  10. Maximise the space in the machines so that you can place more stock inside.
  11. Reward schemes work well…. it keeps your regulars coming back.
  12. Automated inventory systems allow you to track your machines’ performance. Spend your time more effectively,  minimise waste and  identify best sellers with the click of a button!
  13. Negotiate a non-compete clause with your distributor. You don’t want to be one of a long row of machines
  14. It’s best to have your machines in close proximity to each other. This makes re-stocking much easier… do it in a day if possible.

Getting Ready For Sale

  1. Ensure your agreements with your distributor are up to date.
  2. A buyer will want to know  how many machines you have, the brands and models and the age of the machines.
  3. Are any of the machines leased. If so, what are the terms of the lease and how much is outstanding?
  4. List locations (addresses) and associated companies/ associations. Are there agreements in place, do you pay percentage  of sales to location owners?
  5. List machines, their serial numbers, brand type and all specifications.
  6. List revenue that each machine generates each month?
  7. List total sales of all machines
  8. List total nett profit ( sales-expenses)
  9. List working hours including travel time
  10. Is the business home-based, where are supplies stored?
  11. Plan on training the purchaser anywhere from 2 days to 2 weeks.

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