What our past clients say about us


This is a long list and includes not only immediate past business owners, for whom BCI managed a successful sale, but also associates who have had dealings with BCI over the years (buyers, accountants, business owners…).

You can also find others testimonials & recommendations on Tony Arena’s LinkedIn Profile.


“Having devoted 21 years in building our business, when we decided it was time to sell, it was important that we had a professional and respected brokerage business. We interviewed 3 different brokerage companies. Phil Lyons met with us in Wagga and his approach was perfect – professionalism exemplified! After building a business for 21 years, there are a lot of emotions involved when deciding to sell and during the selling process. Both Phil and Tony showed extreme empathy and their industry expertise was invaluable.A well constructed and detailed Information Memorandum about our business was prepared, all potential buyers were well vetted and confidentiality maintained at all times. During the due diligence process Phil and Tony provided invaluable support and when it was time to negotiate, their industry experience assisted us to obtain the best possible outcome. The selling timeframe outlined was consistently met and the sale finalised by the estimated date.Thank you for your friendly, honest and professional guidance. It was an absolute pleasure working with you to obtain our goal.”

Justine and David Good

Founders & Directors, MSP Photography Pty Ltd

“Tony, Thank you, for your commitment, professionalism, and dedication to selling my business . I could not have asked for a better broker to sell it!”

Emily Salter

Fields of Beauty North Sydney

“If you are considering selling your business, don’t waste your time shopping around for a broker that doesn’t even understand business. Go straight to BCI Brokers and get the professional service that you deserve.”

Susanna Palmer


“Tony Arena sold a business I had owned for over 30 years. Tony was by my side for years before the transaction helping me grow the business and make it more saleable and more valuable. In the end I got hundreds of thousands more for the business due to Tony’s diligence and negotiation skill. I don’t know what might have happened if Tony wasn’t on my side. I have known Tony and his company for over 30 years and can wholeheartedly recommend his skill and professionalism.”

Geoff Phillips

The Flower Factory

“Tony puts the interests of his clients at the forefront. He takes a proactive approach to each project and helps his clients understand the reality of the situation.  He knows what is required to get a positive result and has proved to be a longstanding colleague.”

Bill Lockett

Franchise Systems

“For 20 years plus I have seen the results of Tony’s business and the professional way he handles his clients….. He is a man of action and stands behind his words….. It’s nice to see and meet a person who is courteous, honest and willing to go the tough yards to achieve YOUR goals and will not sacrifice his integrity for any short term benefits.
Cheers and good luck Tony…”

Bruce Sherlock

Sherlock Consulting

“I have worked with Tony over a number of years in different capacities, firstly as a Franchisor with Tony brokering the sale of a franchisee in our system and then as an advisor to our system. On all occasions I have found Tony to be well informed and very trustworthy. Tony tells it straight and gets the job done with a minimum of fuss; he is a good guy to have on your team.”

Peter Davis

Taxation and Accounting Practice

“I have asked Tony to act for 2 clients of mine in selling their business.  I have done this as Tony has always adopted a professional approach and used out of left field thinking when it comes to planning strategy.  I would recommend Tony as a consultant to any SME wishing to sell a business as I know they will be looked after.”

Norbert Cornell

Owner, Accountants.com.au Pty Ltd

“In the many years I have known Tony, our relationship has grown from business associate, to friend and confidant, Tony is the beacon of professionalism in Australia. His service is top-shelf and knowledge is unprecedented in the world business broking. Could not place a higher recommendation.”

Sam Testa

Cheque Recovery Services

“Tony Arena has been active in Business Broking and the Franchising Sector for many years and I regard him as one of the most ethical and persevering operators that I have dealt with. He is a most practical and down to earth operator and his clients can expect second to none service. I recommend him to any organisation looking for professional support”

Michael Padden

Owner, Franchise SystemsGroup

“I knew about Tony’s reputation as a successful business broker many years before I actually had the pleasure of meeting him. Since meeting Tony we have worked together on a project, and he has brought a high level of professionalism to the task. Nothing is ever too much trouble, he goes out of his way to get a result, and is always thinking ‘outside of the box’.  He is highly regarded in the industry for good reason.”

Geoff Watson

General Manager, I.L. Wollermann Pty Ltd

“Tony is a Business Broker who is dedicated, hardworking and who goes the extra distance to achieve the best possible results for his clients. He is always at the forefront of technological developments in our industry and is one of the most knowledgeable brokers in Australia. His Webinars are excellent. He is always looking for ways to contribute to the industry and he presents regularly at Business Brokers training courses and conferences. With his honesty and integrity I can thoroughly recommend him.”

Ian Wollermann

Director, I.L. Wollermann Pty Ltd

“Tony is an excellent business broker with a skill for uncovering the real value in a business and maximising the opportunities for both the vendor and purchaser in a transaction.”

Brendan Walsh

Former President, NSAA NSW Chapter National Speakers Association of Australia

“Tony has been a tireless worker for the business broking fraternity. He gives freely of his time to educate new participants and colleagues and is always abreast of the latest technology and business strategies.  He is very progressive in his approach and is a great connector of people within the business world which assists him in expanding his network for the good of his business and therefore his clients. I have happily referred clients and friends to Tony on a number of occasions as they have occurred and have faith in his ability to deliver an excellent result.”

Paul Dunn, ReferralTraining and Sales Coach Referrals for Success

Referral Training and Sales Coach Referrals for Success

“Tony has worked as a consultant to my business and I found him to be reliable and trustworthy, constantly keeping in communication with me and updating progress on our projects together.  I have enjoyed Tony’s many presentations on better business practices and applaud his enthusiasm and sincerity. A proven business strategist with a good business mind and a generally nice bloke.  I would highly recommend Tony to any business wishing to move forward and are willing to listen to a great lateral thinker.”

Mike Hasler

Managing Director, Hasler Business Agents Pty Limited

“I would have no hesitation in utilising his services again, should the opportunity arise.”

Andrew Ugarte

“I have known Tony for many years. Tony is an excellent operator and is one of Sydney’s most experienced business brokers, especially for SME’s and franchise businesses. Tony has a proven track record and I have always found his approach to any business issue to be commercial and pragmatic.”

Sean O’Donnell

Partner, Thomsons Lawyers

“Tony is the best Business Agent I have worked with. He is forthright and “tells it as it is”. Best of all he gets results.”

Tony (Antony) Hasham AM

“Tony was a great help to me when I commenced business broking. He shared his experience, gave me sound advice & encouragement.
Tony goes out of his way to help people.  He is a highly ethical generous man..”

Don Wilson

Owner, Hire Industry Brokers

“I met Tony Arena around 2001 while trying to recruit franchisees at Expos. He was always a friendly helpful personality. Around 2008 my company The Duster Dollies used his organisation to promote and help us enlist more franchisees. He and his staff gave useful advice and assistance with our recruitment drive. Our business relationship only lasted for a couple of years but the friendship has remained.”

Julie Finch-Scally

Managing Director, The Duster Dollies

“Tony is highly involved in the Franchise and Business community generally. I have gained insight from numerous presentations which Tony delivers effectively to varied audiences. I have called on his knowledge of the value of businesses and his wealth of contacts. Tony adds value to your business and is willing to go the extra mile to help. I highly recommend Tony’s approach to business and his knowledge and skillset.”

Sarah Walters

General Counsel, Just Cuts Franchising Pty Ltd

“There are three types of people – those that make things happen, those that watch things happen and those that wonder what happened! Tony Arena is definitely a man who makes things happen. He has been an active contributor to the Australian franchising sector for many years, an astute observer of trends and a man that can be trusted to follow through on his word.”

Greg Nathan

Franchise Relations Strategist

“I have observed Tony over the last 25 years and he is an engaging and principled businessmen who values relationships in business and the community. He actively supports a cancer charity and has facilitated many business networking opportunities for both his customers and colleagues. As a business broker I couldn’t think of anyone better to recommend.”

David Nomchong

President NSW National Speakers Association of Australia

“My journey with Tony as my mentor and trainer in Business Broking was extremely rewarding as Tony’s extensive business experience with hundreds of businesses over a long career, was invaluable.  Tony is an experienced and active networker, who introduced me to the ‘art’ of networking, which is now my primary business, and my primary passion! It was through his skill at this ‘art’ which gave me my current direction, a benefit for which I will be forever grateful. He is a master at nurturing relationships, a powerful skill when involved in such a demanding business as matching buyers and sellers for businesses.”

Bob Greenup

Business Broker

“I had the pleasure of working with Tony Arena on the Franchise Council of Australia NSW Chapter Committee for over 4 years. Tony is very knowledgeable about franchising and was a reliable contributor to the FCA NSW Committee. He is of the highest integrity.”

Ken Rosebery

Director, Franchise Council of Australia

“I have known Tony for nearly 20 years now and, apart from being the fastest swimming Business Broker (in the water) on the North Shore, Tony is also actively involved with fund raising for charities.  Tony is a source of knowledge on any topic in the “arena” of buying and selling businesses. Any business owner looking for an ethical business broker should speak to Tony first.  I recommend him highly as a business professional and a person who cares.”

Hans Ten Bruin

Australian Business for Sale

“I have engaged Tony to recruit new licensees to my company. Within months we saw results, unlike any other broker we have used in the past. Tony is the one ahead of his game. Which in return saves me time and he has delivered on his promise and commitment. I have also attended his franchise seminars which he runs with great professionalism, the turnout is always a great number. Tony has been and is great to work with.”

Michael Nicholas

“When placing my business on the market I used Tony’s services. I found that Tony had strong expertise in his area and easy to deal with. His advice was professional and very sound. He kept me informed of progress and took the trouble to understand my position, what I wanted and tried to deliver on that. I have no hesitation in recommending Tony – a true professional.” 

Peter Vrachas

Ecomist Australia

“I have known Tony for many years and I am delighted to have this opportunity to recommend him. Tony is not the kind of person who spends hours lolling about wondering what is going on. He is a person who analyses problems, understands outcomes and gets things moving in a positive direction both quickly and energetically. He is good with people, a great sales leader and a developer of strong relationships. Better yet, he is straightforward and honest in his dealings with people and clients across the board.”

Ian Freeman

Partner, NEM Australasia Pty Ltd

“Tony has been an excellent client, he very approachable, extremely professional and knowledgeable in his field. Tony is also considered within the Business Broking industry as a role model and a ‘go to’ person for industry feedback.  I would recommend Tony as a business broking professional without hesitation.”

David Wright

Commercial Account Manager, SEEK Commercial

“I have known Tony for over two years now and have always found him to be one of those genuine people who enjoys his work because he wants to help others to pursue their dreams. However, he is no walk-over and possesses a great mind for business and an entrepreneurial touch.
I certainly can recommend Tony as someone to do business with.” 

Peter Strohkorb

Vice Chairman, AIIA NSW and Solutions Business Executive, CSC

“Tony is one of the best networkers and presenters that I have worked with. This makes him able to represent his business broker clients to the widest possible audience.”

Michael Ronai

Managing Director, Ronai & Associates Pty Ltd

“I have recommended a number of my clients to Tony when they were seeking to buy a business. I know Tony will work diligently with my clients and treat them with professionalism and respect to a level without peer.  I have also attended many of Tony’s networking events and have always enjoyed the experience and formed numerous business connections.” 

Mark Toole

Mortgage Broker, Custom Finance Group

“I have hired and/or recommended Tony to a number of clients for sale of their businesses. Tony has always acted professionally with timely results. On many occasions he has managed to exceeded the goals in both expectations and rapid completion. I have no hesitation in recommending Tony as a proven performer in sale of businesses.”

Tim O’Mara

hired Tony for sale of business more than once

“Tony is unique in the market as he only does business with people with whom he can help to be successful. This occurs in either his business broking business or direct consulting. The depth and breadth of his business knowledge means that his results focussed and he makes things happen.”

Stephen Kozicki

Managing Partner, Gordian Business

“Tony is a leader in his field. He is also likely to be the most friendly, helpful and hard working business owner you will ever meet.”

Amanda Lintott

Director & CEO, Automotive Business Brokers

“Tony is a proactive business broker with the knowledge and skill to sell a businesses. He collaborates with all parties to achieve the sale. He communicates extremely well with buyers, sellers and other brokers. I recommend Tony should you require a business broker to sell your business.”

Jamie Borruso

Business Broker & Senior Consultant, Close Encounters Trading Network Pty Ltd

“When you meet Tony Arena his first priority is you, that is to say he wants to know all about you so he can help you through his enormous network of friends and colleagues. Tony is one of the most well connected and respected businessmen I have every met and his generosity has no bounds. I would suggest if you are looking for more than just a win/win but looking to add a sincere friend to your life then call Tony Arena to learn about his unique business style that has made him so happy and consequently made his clients so successful.”

Geoff Grist, Residential Property Sales McGrath Mosman

Residential Property Sales McGrath Mosman

“Tony is simply a pleasure to work with. I reached out to Tony as a subject matter expert due to his extensive knowledge regarding everything business related. I soon found out that he not only has a thorough understanding of his industry, but a passion for what he does – it is very refreshing!”

Sara Gonzalez

Marketing and Online Events Redback Conferencing

“Tony Arena is an outstanding business broker… ethical, knowledgeable, innovative, and effective. As well as running his own successful practice he has willingly shared with fellow-brokers in Australia, New Zealand, and the USA. I respect him as a broker, admire him as a thought-provoking speaker and mentor, and treasure him as a friend.”

Clyth MacLeod

Managing Director, Clyth MacLeod Ltd

“Tony has done a professional job for Expense Reduction Analysts finding the very high calibre licensees we require to build our Australian network. Tony has deep understanding of matching the appropriate licensee to the right business concept and advising candidates as they go through their due diligence process.”

Frederick Marfleet

hired Tony as a Recruiting licensees more than once

“I have very much enjoyed working with Tony at BCI on an ad hoc basis for nearly 15 years. I have seen at first hand his commitment to his role of business broker (and charitable fund raiser) along with his work ethic, honesty and love of his organisation of business broking. He is so positive and full of life and wants to share this with his clients and associates. However, he won’t tell his clients any ‘fibs’ just to get their business. Straight up front. Tony has been a business broker for nearly 30 years and I think his background as a barrister has given him a special edge and understanding of people and their needs and he puts this to full effect at BCI. I would (and have) recommended Tony to anyone who is thinking of selling, or buying, a business. You will receive Tony’s full attention and you will benefit from his expertise in an honest and friendly way. If it was otherwise, I wouldn’t work with him nor would I be writing this.”

Marg Hamilton

Secretariat, self-employed

“Tony is the quintessential professional and highly experienced in the brokerage field, with a particular focus on franchising.”

Nicholas Hudson

National Franchise Manager, Snap-on Tools (Australia) Pty Ltd

“Tony is an exceptional networker helping connect business people and facilitating professional exchange of opportunities and endeavour. He ran Rainmakers, a business networking group for an extended time and the meetings were not only well organized, well attended and well orchestrated but they were also a powerful learning experience – all choreographed by Tony’s expert direction.  I am aware of BCI’s activities and believe that Tony is well qualified to deliver the goods, so to speak. I have no hesitation in recommending him as a professional who will habitually over-deliver.”

Vic Cherikoff

M.D. & CEO, Vic Cherikoff Food Services P/L

“I enjoyed working in conjunction with Tony because we enjoyed similar standards and appreciation of the Hospitality Industry. He is an experienced operator and has an empathy with successful businesses as well as less successful businesses. He is an unselfish advisor and prepared to give of his experience to assist in you (the client) in achieving your goal. It has been my pleasure to have worked with Tony as a fellow Restaurant and Cafe Consultant.”

Michael Fischer

Associate Director, Feszt & Feszt Pty Ltd

“Tony is my “go-to” man whenever I have an enquiry for abusiness that is not covered by my services. I have always had excellent reports from clients that have been referred to Tony.”

Stephen Francis

Owner, BDH Solutions (NSW) Pty Ltd

“Over the years I’ve had occasions to auction for, conjunct with, and share expertise with Tony. On every occasion Tony has exhibited a strong ethical conduct, exceptional expertise and knowledge, and great co-operation. He has my best recommendation. Tony Byrne Real Estate and Business Agent and Auctioneer”

Tony Byrne

Owner, Tony Byrne Realty

“Tony was involved in the sale of my business 5 years ago. From the initial consult meeting to end negotiations, he was hands on with all parts of the sale and worked all leads very hard. He assisted me in the legal needs and was instrumental in the advertising and marketing of the business sale.He understood the personal and emotive side of selling a business and worked closely with all parties on this.I would thoroughly recommend Tony for any business sale in the future.”

David Everett

Managing Director, Carbolite

“Tony and his team were methodical, precise and timely in their work. He completed a business valuation that lead to a decision which was proven over time to be accurate.”

Nathan Isterling, hired Tony as a Business Consultant

hired Tony as a Business Consultant

“Tony is always passionate and thorough with any work he undertakes.He works well with clients and customers and has much sought after experience and knowledge.”

Peter Irvine

hired Tony as a Business Consultant more than once

“Having known Tony Arena for more than twenty years, I have had the opportunity of getting to know him a bit. His background in law caused me to be somewhat suspicious initially, but over the years, I quickly warmed to appreciate his affability and genuine passion for connecting people, which not only helps in business, but is also an admirable quality to have in life.” 


CSP & CEO, The Corporate Ninja Pty Ltd* (was with another company)

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Heidi Dening
Founder and M.D. - Jump Start

" I sold my business for the price, terms and hand-over that I wanted, and it was all because of Tony. His decades of experience and excellent people skills gave me confidence, reassurance and guidance throughout the entire process. He had ... "

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Bruce Sherlock
M.D. - Sherlock Consulting

"For 20 years plus I have seen the results of Tony’s business and the professional way he handles his clients….. He is a man of action and stands behind his words….. It’s nice to see and meet a person who is courteous, honest and willing to go the ... "

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Director - Fields of Beauty

" Tony, Thank you, for your commitment, professionalism, and dedication to selling my business . I could not have asked for a better broker to sell it! ... "

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Susanna Palmer
Director - PALMERBIZ

" If you are considering selling your business, don’t waste your time shopping around for a broker that doesn’t even understand business. Go straight to BCI Brokers and get the professional service that you deserve ... "

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Bill Lockett
Director, Franchise Systems Grp

"Tony puts the interests of his clients at the forefront. He takes a proactive approach to each project and helps his clients understand the reality of the situation. He knows what is required to get a positive result and has proved to be a longstanding colleague ... "

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Peter Davis
Pro. Services Franchisor

" I have worked with Tony over a number of years in different capacities, firstly as a Franchisor with Tony brokering the sale of a franchisee in our system and then as an advisor to our system. On all occasions I have found Tony to be well informed and ... "

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